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Wecome to Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions Internet Security Site
We are here to provide a service to all sites that are designed by Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions, this includes the following:
cffcd (Coding Design) CD - Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions Main site. (Redesign in the works)
cffcs (Coding Source) CS - Coding Source is a place to give and exchange information for web, video and windows programming.
PicDrive Image Hosting PD - Image Hosting, used by members of CFF sites, such as EV and RHC including other Social Networking sites coming soon.
Dark Effects Productions DE - Video Editing and Productions, a new company by CFF for Creating Videos, Commercials and TV spots.
Roadhawg Cycle Social Networking RHC - A Social Networking Site For Motorcycle and ATV Owners and Enthusiasts.
EnterView (Original) The original EnterView site, which will be closed down before the end of 2011
EnterView (New) EV - The new and improved EnterView, Connecting Entertainment and the views of the world together!
ASK @ EnterView ASK @ EnterView - Ask Questions, Have Answers, all on one site, and all for FREE!
Multimedia for EnterView Media - Feeds all the multimedia to
Carrzkiss - Experts Exchange Articles Articles and Tutorials that Carrzkiss (The owner of CFF) has provided for members of Experts Exchange.
Knowledge Base KB - A knowledge Base with articles on web development, software, video editing and windows, server isses.
CFF Advertising & PromotionsPromo - Used to feel all Advertisements to CFF site, this gives us full 100% control over the ads that are running on our sites.
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